Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

How To Avoid Oil Canning On New Metal Roofs

by Leslie Turner

Do you love the idea of a metal for your planned roof replacement, but are worried because you have seen metal roofs with a wrinkled appearance? Those wrinkles you sometimes see on new metal roofs are called oil canning. The wrinkles don't indicate a structural problem, but they can pose an aesthetic annoyance. The following are three things you can do to prevent oil canning when you have your metal roof installed.

1. Thicker Is Better

It can be tempting to save a few dollars by opting for a thinner gauge of roofing sheets. This is a false economy, though, because thinner metal roofing is more likely to develop oil canning. This is especially true with some of the softer metals like zinc and copper. Choosing a roof style with narrower expanses between the standing seams can further help prevent wrinkles on thinner and softer metal choices. Verify that your roofer hand inspects every panel before installation, too, since issues during manufacturing could lead to wrinkles even before the panels are installed.

2. Fasteners Matter

Which fasteners are used and when they are installed can also affect the development of oil cupping. Rigid fasteners don't allow for any expansion or shrinkage of the metal, which can lead to wrinkles. You can counteract this by requiring that the roofers use expandable fasteners for installation. These fasteners have some give so that the metal doesn't wrinkle and warp. Further, since temperature is the reason that metal expands and shrinks, you want to avoid extreme temperature changes during installation. A temperature shift halfway through a roof install could result in uneven tension due to expansion and shrinkage. Schedule the installation for a period of relatively stable weather, if possible. 

3. The Right Finish

Although a quality installation with the right roofing panels cuts down on the chances of oil cupping, it doesn't necessarily eliminate it. It's best to choose a roof design that is less likely to show any wrinkles if they do happen to form. Matte finishes in dark colors show fewer imperfections compared to gloss finishes in light colors. Textured finishes will further camouflage any small wrinkles or imperfections. Of course, if you want to fully ensure there is no appearance of wrinkles, you can opt for metal shingles instead of panels. 

For more help in choosing the best metal roof for your home, contact a roofing company in your area.


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