Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Commercial Flat Roof Problems & Replacement

by Leslie Turner

Sloped roofs are not very common for commercial building structures, as many of them are found to have flat metal roofs. Although flat roofs are desirable for commercial buildings, they also have the potential to cause problems that lead to an untimely replacement being necessary. One common problem that comes along with having a flat roof is the possibility of rainwater sitting on it for numerous days or longer before finally evaporating. A flat metal roof can also experience various problems that are sometimes the result of neglect, such as when building owners fail to inspect throughout the years. Unless the inside of the building becomes affected, you'll never know about damage without inspections being performed. 

Long Periods of Pooling on the Roof

Water pooling on a flat metal roof is something that should be expected every now and then, especially if you don't keep the drain outlets clean. Basically, pooling happens when rainwater sits on the roof for a while before either evaporating from sun exposure, or making its way through the drain outlets. Although it isn't uncommon for pooling to happen, you should be sure that it isn't happening for extended periods of time. Long-term pooling leads to a roof affecting the structural integrity of a building and causing major damage to the deck. Your roof might actually need to be replaced if long-term pooling has been a constant problem.

Water Leaks Through the Roof Deck

If you've noticed that water seems to drip inside your building when it rains, it's likely the result of the deck being damaged. Usually, when a roof becomes damaged to the extent of needing to be replaced, it's when rainwater begins to leak into the building. You must not hesitate to contact a professional to perform an inspection if your roof deck has been leaking. A roof deck can actually cave-in after becoming unstable from constant exposure to rainwater. Sealing up the leaking areas might be possible, but roof replacement will be the likely solution.

Metal Materials Are Missing or Damaged

Metal materials can be replaced if they are missing from the roof or damaged. However, you might need a roof replacement rather than replacing the materials. For example, if the materials have been missing or in a bad condition of a long time, there is a high probability that the deck has become damaged beyond simple repairs being performed.

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