Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Why Roofers Love Architectural Sheet Metal

by Leslie Turner

Roofers have discovered something new in architectural sheet metal. Not only can you use this metal to create metal roofs, but its properties also make it ideal for the job. Here are some other reasons why this sheet metal may be a roofing contractor's favorite product. 

Will Never Leak

Huge sheets of sheet metal cannot leak. Any rain or snow or sleet is not going to get through these metal sheets to the underside of the roof. Their leakproof properties are partially the reason why some roofing contractors may be more than willing to give lifetime guarantees on metal roofs. 

Will Never Corrode or Rust

Architectural metal sheets are designed with the elements in mind. They do not rust or corrode. Even the edges remain free of any elemental wear. A roof covered in architectural metal sheets is one that will not lose its clean appearance or integrity to heavy rains, bashing winds, snow, or ice. 

Bend It, Shape It, Cut It Any Way You Want It

This metal can be cut, bent, rounded, welded, and shaped any way you want. Cut it into strips and send it through a machine that makes perfect, seamless gutters. Arch it over a doorway to protect you for when you step outside while it is raining. Create a metal wrap and brace around the chimney's right angles in your roof. This metal does all of that. 

Extra Insulation Without the Extra Work

Nothing escapes through metal. With this sheet metal, no heated or air-conditioned air can get out. It becomes trapped in the home under the roof, where it should stay. You want the warm air to stay put in winter and the cool air to stay indoors in the summer. Sheet metal used as roofing material adds that extra insulation you could really use without the added weight or difficulty of installation of most other insulation fibers. 

Buying It and Getting It

If you are sold on the idea of getting a metal roof now, contact your roofing contractors who offer metal roofing. Tell them what you want, including a color and style of architectural metal roofing, and they can order it and install it within a month or so. If you can buy it and get it shipped sooner, then the only thing you really have to do is choose a roofer and hire him or her. 

To learn more about architectural sheet metal, contact a roofer.


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