Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Replacing A Roof In A Few Simple Steps

by Leslie Turner

Even if you have replaced a roof before, you probably know that the process requires more than just adding extra shingles to the roof. In fact, a lot of technology and know-how go into installing a new roof. These are the steps that go into replacing a residential roof with a new installation.

Residential Protection

Any contractor will first take steps to protect your property during the installation. This means that they will put down tarps and plywood, especially over parts of your home and landscaping that could be damaged by the work.

Remove Old Roof

The next step is to get rid of the existing roof. All your old roofing shingles have to be removed before a new roof can be installed. The goal of this step of the process is to take a look at the wooden deck underneath. It could have damage that must be fixed first.

The inspection that follows will include a thorough examination of the wood. A professional will look for wet and rotting wood. You need to have a strong base on which you can build a solid structure. Professionals also examine the attachment of the sheeting to the rafters. They look for missing nails and areas that could use some rejuvenation. Pros will nail down the decking to keep everything in place.

Prepare for Shingles

The next step is to ensure the surface of the roof is ready for shingles. They attach a special metal sheet to prevent rain and other weather from ever working its way under the shingles. They also install an ice and water shield to prevent leaks from the wood underneath your shingles. Preparation also involves the installation of roofing felt.

Installation of New Roofing

Your new shingles are installed once your base layer is prepared. Roof installation professionals begin at the bottom and work their way up. They will add other items, like ridge vents and capping, as they are necessary. Each roof has different requirements, and professionals have seen it all.

Hire a Professional

Installing a new roof is a serious commitment, and it also requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Not sure you can take on all these steps? Don't be afraid to hire professional roofing installers to ensure that your new roof is installed successfully and with quality materials and expertise. Don't be afraid to research contractors, compare estimates, and ask questions throughout the process. 

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