Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Tips To Successfully Restore And Repair Your Home's Roof And Shingles

by Leslie Turner

The benefits of home ownership are never-ending, but so too can be the maintenance upkeep on your home. When your home's roof begins to show signs of its age, it is important you tackle the project and have it re-shingled as soon as possible to keep your home interior protected from the weather. Here are some tips to consider when you are ready to install a new roof on your home to replace an existing aging roof.

Look at Necessary Additional Costs

When budgeting for a new roof replacement on your home, you need to be sure and plan to cover the necessary costs to complete the job properly. If you spend a chunk of money on a replacement but miss important parts of the job just so you can save a few hundred dollars, it is going to end up costing you more in the long run to remedy the error and repair any damage that occurred. For example, if you neglect to allow extra in your budget to replace any dry rotted roofing deck, this will cause your roof to leak and be at risk of collapse in some areas. Keep this in mind when you make out a budget. Talk to your roofer about any potential extra costs that you might need to plan for so you are ready to have the job be done right.

Also, consider paying to have your old layer of shingles removed from your home instead of installing the new shingles over the old. Often, leaving the old shingles in place can void the warranty on your new shingles, which you don't want to risk. And an old layer of shingles on your roof can lead to interior moisture leaks and add a great deal of unnecessary weight to your roof. 

Another cost you may need to consider adding to your budget is the cost of proper clean-up in your yard. Occasionally when removing an old layer of shingles, your landscaping can become damaged and your yard littered with roofing nails. Make sure your roofing professional will include any needed landscaping protection plan and a proper clean-up at the end of the project to remove all metal fasteners with a magnetic broom. A stray roofing nail can easily be the cause of a flat vehicle tire.

Check and Update Attic Ventilation

Another tip to remember during your roofing replacement is regarding your roof and attic ventilation. Although you may not actively use your attic space, its ventilation is essential to keeping your home comfortable and protecting your roof. 

Without good ventilation through attic and soffit vents, your attic temperature can get dangerously hot and radiate heat into your home. Then, during the winter if your attic space collects warm air it will melt snow on your roof where it will freeze at the edges of your roof. This leads to damaging ice dams that lead to lifting shingles and moisture leaks through your roof. Your roofing professional can take some time to ensure your attic and roof both have proper ventilation and if not, they can add enough ventilation to keep your attic a regulated temperature.

Contact a roof repair service if you need work done on your aging roof!


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