Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Tips To Help You Keep Ahead Of Your Roof's Condition And Ward Off Any Potential Damage

by Leslie Turner

Roof maintenance is an ongoing task, especially as your home and its roof ages. However, keeping your roof in good condition is an easy task as long as you are diligent in its care and take care of any damage or problems as soon as they arise. Most roof damage and interior moisture leaks occur because a roof problem has gone unrepaired. Here are some tips you can implement when you are checking the condition of and maintaining your home's roof and know when you need to take action and arrange for professional repairs.

Check Vegetation Overhang

The trees and large shrubbery growing around your home and property create beauty and help cool it during the warmer months, but these same plants can cause damage to your home if you are not diligent. If you have large trees that hang over or touch the edges of your roof and home exterior, keep them trimmed back to prevent damage from branches, especially if one were to fall during a storm. And in some areas of the country, vegetation touching your home can lead to termite problems. If you suspect a branch has caused damage to your shingles, a roofing professional can check the shingles and roof.

For every extra tree that surrounds your home and property, you need to more diligently clean off your roof of vegetation debris and clutter. The leaves and twigs from trees can land on your roof and cause the shingles to rot if they are not removed. The debris trap and hold moisture onto the shingle, leading to degradation. The same debris can clog your gutters, which leads to water backing up on your roof and falling inappropriately onto the soil around your home's foundation.

Inspect Your Gutters

Even when you regularly remove large twigs and leaves from your roof, they will still accumulate into your gutters from storms. It is recommended by roofing professionals to inspect and clean out your gutters at least a couple times each year, more if you have a large number of trees. Pine trees are similarly damaging to your gutters as their debris can accumulate just as quickly. 

Your gutters are there to drain rainfall off your roof and away from your home, but when they get cluttered with twigs, they cannot do their job. Gutters that have become clogged and are sagging or cracked need to be replaced or repaired. Call professional roofers to get more advice.


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