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Improving Your Business

You May Need Emergency Roof Repairs After A Fire Or Storm

by Leslie Turner

A damaged roof that lets rain in your attic is something that can't wait to be repaired. Fortunately, you can get emergency roof repairs when they're needed so your attic isn't exposed to the elements and at risk of water damage. Even if the damaged area is small, quick repairs are needed. Here's why a damaged roof is an emergency situation and things a roofer may do to help your problem.

When Emergency Roofing Repair Is Needed

When your roof is damaged by a fallen tree limb, lightning strike, fire, wind, or an animal and there's a hole in the roof or structural problems, you want a roofer to look at your roof right away. Safety is an important concern, and you don't want to stay in your house if the structure of your roof is unstable.

You also don't want a hole in the roof to go unrepaired since rain will soak your attic, and animals can come and go through the hole. Call for an emergency roof check when you've had roof damage, and let the contractor decide if you need emergency roof repair and how to go about it.

Roof Repairs That Can Be Done Right Away

Your roofer might make repairs right away if the damage is small and supplies are available. They might patch a hole, replace shingles, or replace part of the deck. In some cases, it may take days to gather the supplies and crew to complete the repairs if there is a lot of damage. In the case of a tree on your house, you may need to work with a tree removal company to clear the tree before work can begin, and if electrical lines are involved in the damage, you'll need to call in the electric company too.

Temporary Roof Repairs That Might Be Done

If it's not possible to complete the repairs right away, your roofer might make temporary roof repairs that seal your house so animals and rain can't get in. One of the quickest ways to deal with a bad roof in an emergency is to cover the damaged area with a roof tarp and hold the tarp down with bricks or boards so the tarp stays in place during a storm.

As long as your home is protected from rain, you and the roofer will have time to plan the major roof repairs that are needed. However, a roof tarp isn't a long term solution, and you'll want to schedule the repairs as soon as possible.

If your roof has serious damage, consider leaving your home until the roof has been checked by the fire department, roofing contractor, or other professional so you won't have to worry about your safety. While protecting your home from damage caused by an open hole in your roof is important, the safety of your family is even more important, so don't take chances with a roof that has serious damage after a fire or storm. Contact a local emergency roofing repair service to learn more. 


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