Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

4 Improvements And Repairs That You Want To Have Done When You Reroof Your Home

by Leslie Turner

Before you get ready to reroof your home, you will want to have it inspected and get an estimate on the cost of installing your new roofing materials. Before you do this, you will also want to know the repairs and improvements that need to be done when installing new roofing. The following roof improvements and repairs are some of the things you want to make sure get done when you have a new roof installed on your home.

1. Repairing Water Damage to Structural Framing and Wood Decking, and Identifying the Problem Areas

One of the first things that you will have to deal with when replacing your roof is the damage beneath the old roofing. Once you have torn off the old materials, make sure that any rotted decking is replaced and inspect areas with damage for problems that go through the decking. If there is damage to roof rafters or other wood of the roof structure, you will want to repair these problems. You will also want to inspect your roof for areas with excessive damage that may need improvements to reduce future problems.

2. Updating Roof Design and Materials to Prevent Excessive Wear and Problems That Cause Damage

The roof design of your home could have problems due to runoff or areas that get a lot of shade and are more prone to wear. Make changes to the roof before the new materials are installed to deal with excessive wear. For problems with shaded areas, trees and other problems that cause damage due to moss, talk to the roofing contractor about using zinc strips and materials with antifungal treatments to prevent these problems.

3. Installing Shingles or Other Roofing Materials That Will Last in the Climate and Weather Conditions Where You Live

There are a lot of choices of materials that can be installed when reroofing your home. You want to look for materials that are rated to handle the conditions of the climate where you live. In addition, you may want to consider the wind resistance of shingles and install materials that have a higher rating for wind speed if you live in an area that gets a lot of stormy weather or frequent high winds.

4. Synthetic Underlayments and Reinforcement Materials to Prevent Common Problems with Roof Wear That Lead to Damage

In addition to the other improvements you do, you will also want to consider the moisture barrier and underlayments that are installed with your new roofing. First, consider synthetic moisture barriers that provide more durable protection against leaks. In addition, you may want to have reinforcements installed in problem areas to prevent damage due to ice dams and other issues that can cause wear and leaks.

These are some of the repairs and improvements that you want to make sure to do when reroofing your home. If you are ready to replace your old roofing, contact a roofing contractor and talk to them about these repairs and improvements when you have them give you an estimate for your roof replacement project.

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