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Improving Your Business

4 Tips And Tricks To Deal With Wood Shake Roofing On Your Home And Make It Last For Years

by Leslie Turner

If you want to have wood roofing installed on your home, there are many choices of materials, like wood shakes and shingles. Any type of shake material is going to require special care after installation to ensure it lasts. There are also improvements that you may want to do when you have these materials installed on your home. The following tips will help you with the wood shake roofing you have installed on your home to ensure it lasts for years and looks like new.

1. Installing the Right Moisture Barrier System to Help Prevent Damage to Wood 

Old wood shake roofs were often installed without a moisture barrier, and they did their job to keep homes dry. The problem is that moisture can get under the wood shakes and cause damage. Therefore, when you install shakes, it is a good idea to install a moisture barrier for each run of roofing. This will help protect your roof from moisture damage and leaks that are common with shake roofs.  

2. Using Quality Wood Roofing Materials to Ensure You Do Not Have Problems  

When installing wood roofing on your home, there are a lot of choices of materials. If you are using hand-split shakes, make sure to get them from a reputable supplier to avoid problems with quality and damaged shakes later. In addition to the hand-split shakes, there are also options for milled shingles, which can also be treated to protect against wear and damage.  

3. Sealing Wood Shakes or Shingles and Keeping the Roof Clean to Prevent Problems  

The wood roofing on your home will also need to be sealed after it has had time to dry and cure. Once you have sealed the shakes, keep the roof clean to prevent problems with wear and damage. Try to keep off the shakes, and remove debris from the roof with a hose or broom. If you do have to get on the roof to clean it, walk gently to avoid damaging the shake materials.  

4. Inspecting Wood Roofing Materials and Dealing with Problems Before They Cause Serious Damage 

In addition to keeping your wood shakes clean, you will also want to occasionally inspect the roof for signs of damage. Look for signs of cupping, twisting, and cracks in wood roofing, and have the damaged materials replaced. In addition, look for loose or missing shakes that need to be repaired before they cause problems with leaks.  

These are some tips and tricks that will help you with wood roofing and keep the shakes on your home looking like new for years. If you need help with installation, repairs or maintenance of your wood roof, contact a residential roofing contractor and talk to them about what you can do to care for your roof.  


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