Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

3 Things That Affect The Cost Of A New Roofing Installation And How You Might Reduce The Cost

by Leslie Turner

A new roof is a large investment, but it's a cost you can't avoid because you could end up paying even more if your old roof leaks and causes water damage. You may wonder what affects the cost of a new roof installation and if you can reduce the cost. Here's a look at factors that go into how much a roofer charges, and some things you might be able to do to keep the costs lower.

1. Equipment Rental

Your roofer needs to use a dumpster to collect all the old roofing shingles and then pay the dump fee to dispose of them. They also need to use heavy equipment to get the new shingles on top of the roof. You won't be able to eliminate the need to rent a crane, but you could possibly eliminate the need for a dumpster and dump fees if you have a new layer of shingles put over the old shingles instead of tearing the old shingles off.

2. Roofing Supplies

The biggest expense involved with a new roof installation is the cost of the roofing supplies. The roofing materials you choose have an effect on the cost of your roof. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable type of roofing, and these come in different price ranges. The least expensive shingles may not last as long as higher-quality shingles, but they should last for several years while allowing you to get a new roof for the lowest cost.

3. Labor

Labor is a cost factor you don't have much control over since you want your roof to be installed properly. One thing that reduces labor costs is when you have a new roof put over the old one, since you can eliminate the time and labor needed to strip off the old roofing materials. Another thing that could possibly affect the amount you pay for labor is having the work done during the off-season when roofers aren't as busy.

Before you sign a contract with a roofer, you may want to get a few different quotes. However, you don't want to choose your contractor based on the lowest price. Reputation and quality of work are important considerations, too. Expert installation ensures your roof has a long life and doesn't develop problems unnecessarily.

You might want to look for discounts when price is a factor. Roofers may offer discounts during the slow season, and roofing materials may be cheaper at certain times of the year. Talk to your roofer about your budget concerns so they can help you get the roof you need at a price you can afford if it's possible.


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