Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Upgrading Your Home With A Fireplace

by Leslie Turner

On a cold winter night, gathering a roaring fireplace can help to make your home a far more comfortable place. However, there are many homes that do not have this feature, but the owner may wish to add it. If this applies to you, there are some important myths to debunk.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Add A Fireplace To An Already Built Home

One of the most common assumptions is that it will be impossible to add a fireplace to a home that has already been built. In reality, this will be a major change to the property, but it is entirely possible for an experienced contractor to safely and efficiently make this addition. While it is generally possible to add this feature to your home, you will need to be mindful of the fact that there will be limits on where the new fireplace can be installed. This is due to the presence of supports and other structurally important obstacles that may not be able to be moved.

Myth: Fireplaces Always Burn Wood

Those that have not spent much time around modern fireplaces may assume that they will always burn wood. In reality, modern fireplaces can use a variety of fuels, such as gas or heating oil. These substances can be more efficient in terms of heat generation while also requiring far less maintenance on the part of the homeowner. Additionally, these fireplaces can be an excellent option for those that live in moist environments or where it will regularly rain as it can be difficult to keep firewood dry enough for use in these areas. Individuals that would either have a difficult time hauling firewood or that would prefer to avoid managing a firewood supply can also benefit from these options.

Myth: Fireplaces Are Extremely Labor Intensive To Maintain

While a fireplace will have some basic maintenance needs to meet, they will generally be relatively easy and simple when compared to some of the other maintenance work that the home will require. For example, you will need to regularly clean the fireplace so that any soot, ash or other residues are removed. Additionally, the chimney will need to be cleaned every couple of years, but this will not be a task that you do on your own. Rather, you will hire a professional chimney cleaning service to handle this work. Generally, the chimney will only require a couple of hours to thoroughly clean, and this will ensure that the smoke and other gases from the fire are able to freely leave the home.

After considering whether a fireplace would work in your home, consider finding professional fireplace installation services in your area and get started on building the fireplace of your dreams.


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