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Improving Your Business

Roofs And Wind: A Thorough Guide To Identify Damage After The Storm

by Leslie Turner

The storms that come through your neighborhood can cause serious damage to the roof. This damage is often due to the wind that comes with the storms. Therefore, you need to know what to look for to have the wind damage on your roof repaired.

When the damage is severe, it can be easy to identify where the roof has been damaged.  The damage is often a little less noticeable. This can be due to problems with tears and damage to the shingles. Often, the damage cannot be seen until you get on your roof. The following roof inspection guide will help you identify damage after the storm:

Dealing with the Missing Shingles After Storms

The first problem that you are going to have to deal with is missing shingles. The shingles could be missing from large sections, or they could be isolated problems. Anywhere there are shingles missing on your roof, you are going to want to install a tarp.

If there are only a couple of isolated problems with missing shingles, you may want to replace them yourself. Get started replacing the shingles by removing the nails under tabs. Remove any debris and slide the new shingle in its place. When more than a few shingles are missing, you will want to contact a roofing contractor for help with the repairs.

Inspecting the Surface of Your Roof for Less Visible Wind Damage

The less visible wind damage to the roof will need to be identified and repaired. This problem could be due to:

  • Tears of tabs
  • Broken shingles
  • Movement of shingles

Look for this basic damage to the shingles when you get on your roof to do a closer inspection. If there is extensive wind damage, you will want to contact a roof repair service for help with repairs.

Other Problems that Need to Be Repaired After Storms Damage Roofing

In addition to the problems with wind damage, storms can cause other issues that need repairs. These roof damage problems include pitting due to hail and excessive wear on the surface of shingles. When you are inspecting your roof for storm damage, you will want to look for these additional problems that need to be repaired.

Installation Guide for Temporary Tarps to Protect Your Home From Leaks

Once you have identified the problems with storm damage, you are going to need to install tarps. The roof tarps will protect your home from leaks while you wait for help with repairs. Try to keep the tarps fastened below higher shingle tabs. You can use boards to nail down on the edges of tarps to prevent them from blowing away. Anywhere you nail tarps or boards to your roof, make sure to lift the tab where you are nailing to prevent additional leaks.

Wind damage can often be difficult to see on your roof, but these things ought to help. Identify these problems and contact a roof repair service for help repairing the problems due to wind and storms.


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