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Improving Your Business

Damaged Shingles And Your Roof: Repair Or Replace

by Leslie Turner

Damaged shingles may not mean the end of your roof. Whether the shingles were damaged in a storm or simply because of age, you may be able to have the area repaired as long as the damage isn't too extensive.

How Many Shingles Are Damaged?

If only a few shingles are damaged, then it's likely a wiser investment to have those broken shingles replaced. Damage includes shingles that have torn, cracked, curled, or been ripped off the roof. Often, this type of minor damage occurs in clusters, so you may a several shingles damaged in one area while the rest of the roof is still in good repair. The one exception is hail damage. With hail there may be only visible damage on a few shingles, likely around the roof perimeter, but more extensive damage may affect all the shingles. This is because hail compresses and weakens shingles, increasing the likelihood of leaks.

What Is the Age of the Roof?

In some cases it makes wiser financial sense to just replace the roof, even if the damage is minor. Standard asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 years, although some may last quite a bit longer. If your roof is approaching this age, consult with a roofer. They can survey the entire roof and provide you with an accurate estimate of the expected amount of life left in the shingles. If the roof will need to be replaced in a few years anyway, then a repair is not the best investment.

Have You Noticed Any Water Leaks?

A recently damaged shingle shouldn't cause water to leak into your attic immediately unless the damage was caused by a roof puncture. If you already are experiencing leaks in your attic, then the shingle damage is a lot more extensive than just the visible damage to the shingles. A roofer will need to trace the leaks to find exactly where they are coming from. In some cases you may be able to have the leaks repaired along with the shingle. In extreme cases, you may require an entire roof replacement.

Is the Sheathing In Good Repair?

The roof sheathing is the base of the roof. It's made up of 1/2-inch thick plywood that is laid over the roof trusses. The roofing felt and shingles are then attached to this sheathing. If the sheathing has suffered damage, such as a puncture or rot, the entire piece must be replaced. This means that you may have to replace an entire section of the roof even if the only visible damage is a missing shingle or two. If more than one piece of sheathing requires replacement, a new roof may be the best option.

Contact a roof maintenance service for more help with determining whether a shingle repair is all that is needed to keep your roof functioning properly.


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