Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Your Guide To Purchasing A New Commercial Roof

by Leslie Turner

Roofing sales are up 14 percent in recent years, most likely because property owners are increasingly aware of the importance of this structure. Your building's protection starts up top, so use your discretion when purchasing a commercial roof. Below are some strategies that you can put to use when it's time to buy a new commercial roof.

Find financing for a new commercial roof and shop for the prices that you can afford

Replacing your commercial roof is a fairly large building project, so getting financing may be in order. Financing has several benefits, such as the fact that you might be able to write off the interest payments on your taxes, and many commercial roofers pair in-house financing with a warranty. 

Test the market and set a finite limit on how much you're going to spend on the new roof. A commercial roof can cost as much as $7.50 per square foot, so start by getting accurate measurements of your property. 

Before getting a new roof, it may also be wise to get your property appraised. This is important since your new roof will offer a direct return on investment (ROI). Knowing how much your property is currently worth helps you to make a wise roofing decision that builds equity. Getting your commercial property appraised can cost you between about $450 and $550. 

Look for the commercial roof design that is perfect for your business

Once you begin consulting with commercial roofers, ask about the many designs they can help you with. They can customize your new roof blueprint using 3D modeling software and will provide you with accurate renderings of how the finished product will look. 

In addition to roofing styles, you should also pick the best materials. You have lots of materials options, from green roofing systems, aluminum or steel roofing, vinyl roofing, and Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane, to polystyrene and silicone roofing. 

Research any necessary zoning changes and building permits for a commercial roof installation to make sure you're prepared and legally protected. Your commercial roofer can often help you with these applications and can speak on your behalf at any planning organization hearings. 

Finalize the project and get your agreement with the commercial roofing contractor in writing

Go through the roofing work contract and have your business attorney also comb through it. When at all possible, nail down the roofing installation date and put contingencies in the contract for any late work or potential refunds. You'll also want to add a warranty to any commercial roof that you buy. Floods and storms alone create a collective $9 billion in damage each year, so you'll want a policy that adds as much financial protection as possible. 

Use these tips when you're shopping for commercial roofing


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