Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

How To Prevent Major Leaking From Affecting Your Residential Roof And Property

by Leslie Turner

There are a lot of problems you don't want to face with your residential roof, but one of the more pressing is leaking. It can happen over time and cause damage within minutes. Fortunately, if you take these measures, you can keep leaks away for a long time to come. 

Have Missing Shingles Replaced

Asphalt shingles are nice because of their affordability and repair-friendliness. However, it's your job to keep an eye on the shingles because if some come off, leaks can occur around the roof and cause damage.

Before expensive water damage ever takes place, have missing shingles replaced by a residential roofer. They can bring out shingles that match and are of the perfect size. They'll properly secure them in place where there are vulnerable sections.

After the roofer gets through, you can take a big sigh of relief knowing water damage won't have a great impact on your home.

Deal With Blocked Gutters

A sneaky way water can leak into your home is when your gutter system clogs. You see, when leaves, dirt, and potentially tree limbs collect in your gutters, it can prevent water from properly dispersing. The water then has the chance to sit, collect near the roof, and then move underneath shingles.

Do your best to examine the gutters consistently, especially after severe weather storms. Look inside the tracks and make sure they're clear. If they're not, then remove whatever is causing the blockage. If you don't feel safe doing this, a residential roofer can help. 

Fix Damaged Flashing

The metal components around certain sections of your roof — such as the chimney — are referred to as flashing. This component helps prevent water from penetrating vulnerable areas. Leaking can happen if the flashing gets damaged.

So any time you spot flashing that is bent or coming up, take your time to find a residential roofer in your area that can come out and put the flashing back in place.

They can add more sections if some of the flashing is too damaged to be repaired. A roofer can inspect flashing that looks to be in good shape,too, making sure there aren't hidden issues you may have overlooked. 

The one problem that keeps a lot of homeowners up at night in regards to their roof is a leak. You can avoid these restless nights if you take it upon yourself to deal with leak-causing issues before water damage sets in. 


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