Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Four Differences Between Commercial And Residential Roofing

by Leslie Turner

Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing in a number of ways. It takes a different type of worker and skill set to work in a commercial roof setting. If you own a business or are looking for a new roof for your company, consider hiring a commercial roofing contractor to help get the job done. Here are a few key differences between commercial roofing and residential.

Materials Used

Most residential roofs are done with asphalt shingles, but in a commercial roofing setting, you will not see this material being used. Most commercial roofs are taller and require a more durable roofing material to protect the building from different forces of nature. The two most common types of materials used for commercial roofing are tile and metal. 

Price of Roofing

When hiring a commercial roofing job, it is important to know that it will be quite a bit more expensive than a residential roof. If a commercial building is taller, chances are it a lot bigger than a home as well. The larger square footage of materials will be more expensive, along with the tools required to get the job done. Overall, you can expect a higher cost for commercial roofs over residential. 


Generally speaking, the design of residential roofing is very much the same from house to house. When dealing with commercial roofing, the size and design can vary from each building to the next. A lot of times the roof design on a commercial building is flat, low sloped, and much larger than that of a home. 

Maintenance Required

Regardless of what type of roof you have on your building or home, it is crucial to get routine inspections done to keep the roof in the best shape possible. Many commercial roofing contractors find it easier to inspect a building because the roof is flat and easier to walk on, even if it might be taller. Residential roofs can be dangerous to inspect due to the sharp angles and slopes of the roofline. 

Due to the fact that commercial roofing is a completely different beast than residential roofing, you need to make sure you are hiring the right type of contractor for your needs. Commercial roofing contractors are able to handle any needs on the roof of your business or office building. These trained professionals are able to stay safe and get the job done in a timely manner.

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