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Improving Your Business

Maintenance Roofing Tasks To Complete In Wet Weather Areas

by Leslie Turner

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, then it is wise to complete maintenance every year to ensure longevity and stability. Maintenance tasks vary depending on where you live and whether or not your roof is exposed to a great deal of moisture. If your area sees a good deal of rainfall and snow, then consider completing the following maintenance tasks.

Mildew Inspection

You can and should complete a visual inspection across the surface of your roof to locate mold, mildew, and algae growth. The growth will appear as dark black streaks, brown formations, or raised green growths. All three types of growths can be eradicated in a similar manner with a 50/50 bleach and water solution. Lightly spray or pour this solution on your shingles, let it sit for several hours, and then use a low-pressure hose to rinse off the roof.

At this time, you may want to look into some preventative measures to keep the mold and mildew from returning. Make sure that the roof is exposed to the sun as much as possible by trimming back tree branches. Also, adding copper or zinc strips to the roof edge can help to reduce mold and mildew. 

In more extreme cases where mold, mildew, and algae cannot be controlled, speak with your roofing professional about the use of roofing shingles that are manufactured using granules made from metals like copper. These granules are referred to as algae resistant and they help to keep growths from developing in the first place.  

Leak Investigations

If your roof is exposed to a great deal of moisture, then it may develop leaks as the roofing shingles age. And, it is wise to complete a leak inspection as part of your roofing maintenance before a serious issue develops. You should start inside your attic. Use a flashlight around the insulation and rafters. Look for dark black spots or wet areas that indicate leaks.

You also want to pull back the insulation in some areas to see if the roof deck appears wet from underneath. This type of inspection is best completed within about a day or two of a rainstorm. If even a minor leak is present, you should see at least a small amount of water on the roof deck. 

If you are able to get on your roof, complete a quick check around your chimneys and pipe vents. Look for any exposed roofing felt in these areas along with any damage to flashing or boots. Contact a professional as soon as possible if you need help with residential roof maintenance in wet areas. 


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