Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Why Is My Metal Roof Leaking?

by Leslie Turner

A metal roof can offer many positive benefits to residential homeowners and commercial businesses alike. But metal roofs also need regular maintenance and care if you want your roof to get through year after year without issue. If your metal roof is suddenly leaking, you might have one or more problems that will need to be looked at by a professional. Here are just some of the potential reasons why your metal roof might have sprung a leak.

You Have One or More Screws With Problems

Metal roofing panels are often driven into place with screws. Inserting a screw into a panel will obviously create a small hole, but metal roofing screws typically use rubber gaskets on the screw itself in order to keep water from getting through the hole. 

This sounds great in theory but in practice, mistakes can happen. A screw could be driven too far into the panel and leave a gap or hole behind. The rubber gaskets can also wear down over time and may eventually let water pass through. If you are looking for a place to start when investigating a metal roof leak, starting with the screws is probably a good idea.

Check Your Stack Flashing

A metal roof will need to let certain fixtures or structures from within the house make it up to the roof itself. For example, your HVAC system may have ventilation or tubing that comes directly out of the roof. Metal roof builders will install stack flashing on all sides of any structure that is coming up out of the home. Stack flashing might also be installed if you are installing something like a satellite dish or a sunroom within your house. The flashing can develop wear and tear over time, and if it's not properly taken care of, it's possible water could get through.

Your Panels Are Not Properly Sealed

While screws are used to keep the panels down, most metal roofs also use a sealant in between each panel. If your sealant is not doing an effective job, there could now be a gap between your panels. This gap will, of course, let water in until a new sealant is applied.

Contact a Professional

When it comes to metal roofing repair, you will want to opt for professional help. A seasoned roofing pro can inspect your screws, flashing, and sealant to determine the source of your roof leak.


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