Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Solar Power Installation Guide to Panels, Grids, and Thermal Energy Solutions for Homes

by Leslie Turner

The solar energy system you invest in for your home can be more than just rooftop solar panels. In addition to the solar panels, there are also options for the type of converters, grid-tied systems, and additional thermal systems that provide your home with energy. The following solar power installation guide will help you get the right combination for the energy needs of your home:

Solar panels or roofing for your home

There are different options for the type of solar panels that you have installed on your home. If you are going to be using traditional panels, consider racks with adjustable dual-axis designs that maximize the direct sunlight exposure of panels. If you want panels that blend in better with the design of your home, you will want to consider options like solar roofing tiles for your solar power installation.

Choosing how the system will work

There are different options for the type of solar panel system that are installed on your home, which start with the panels and collectors. You will also need to choose between grid-tied and off-grid systems. If you want to sell energy back to the utility company, you are going to want a grid-tied system. The options for solar energy system designs include:

  • Direct power generation with no batteries
  • Combinations of solar panels and thermal collectors
  • Off-grid systems that power your entire home
  • Grid-tied systems that allow you to sell energy back to the grid

These are options to consider for your solar energy system design and technology that will be used for the energy needs of your home. With the grid-tied systems, you can also draw power from the grid when your system does not produce enough energy for the needs of your home.

Options for additional thermal solutions

One of the major problems with solar panels that only produce electricity is that the systems do not produce enough energy for heating and cooling. These problems can be solved with the addition of a solar thermal system. These are thermal collectors that heat fluids to provide energy for water heaters and household heating. To improve energy productions and the benefits of your system, it is a good idea to invest in thermal solar collectors for your system.

Maximizing the efficiency of your solar power system

When you are investing in solar energy for your home, you want to maximize the efficiency and energy benefits for your home. There are additional energy home improvements to consider, which include:

  • Updating lighting design with LED technology
  • Upgrade appliances to more efficient models
  • Maintenance and improvements for more efficient HVAC and plumbing
  • Fix air leaks and problems with energy loss in your home

These additional home improvements will reduce the energy consumption in your home to maximize the productivity and benefits of an investment in solar energy.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about powering your home with solar energy. To start investing in renewable energy for your home, contact a solar power installation service to discuss these solutions for your energy needs.


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