Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Preventing And Repairing Metal Roof Corrosion

by Leslie Turner

Most people opt for a metal roof because it is durable, long-lived, fire-resistant, and attractive. Yet, it isn't completely impervious to damage. Rust and corrosion can be a factor when it comes to metal roofing. This is because steel eventually oxidizes and rusts, although galvanization and painting with a powder coating slow the process. The following can help you prevent corrosion in the first place or fix it if it does occur.

Weak Fasteners

Often corrosion first forms on the fasteners that hold down your metal roof panels. Although these fasteners should be coated in galvanized metal — a process that seals steel against rust — the coating wears off the hardware quickly. This type of corrosion is easy to spot because the rust stains appear around the screws and bolts. Replacing the hardware with new galvanized bolts that have also been powder coated will fix the issue and help prevent future corrosion.

Finish Failure

Roof panels can begin to show signs of rust and corrosion when the finish begins to fail. Although durable, powder-coated finishes can eventually fall prey to weathering. The top weather-proof coating will begin to wear off. You can often spot this type of damage early since the color may fade or the finish may begin to look flaky. If you act promptly and have the roof repainted, you may be able to avoid corrosion. If corrosion is already occurring, your roofer can sand off the damage before repainting.

Exposed Raw Metal

Scratches and dents on a metal roof panel are often more aesthetic than damaging since the roof will still be impervious to water. The main issue is that this type of damage often reveals raw metal, and it can penetrate through the galvanized coating. When this happens, rust occurs. The most effective fix is to replace the damaged panel. If you aren't concerned about the look of the scratch or dent, it is also possible to have the damage painted over and sealed so corrosion and rust don't invade.

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two metals of different types are in contact. Then, an electric arc forms between them, causing one of the metals to corrode. The arc can occur due to improper grounding of electrical systems on the roof, or it can be the result of moisture and natural salts on the roof. Avoid using items of dissimilar metals on your roof and make sure all electrical systems are grounded properly.

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