Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

3 Tips For Helping Your Flat Commercial Roof Last Its Full Lifespan

by Leslie Turner

You have a lot of expenses when you run a business, and it helps if you can avoid major repairs and replacements as long as possible. If your building has a flat roof, you can help it have a longer life by maintaining it properly.

Keeping your roof in good shape is important so your building and inventory won't be damaged when it rains. Here are things you or a roofing contractor can do when it comes to roof maintenance.

Cut Back Trees That Grow Too Close To The Roof

Trees can be big problems for roofs and buildings in general. If you plant new trees, be sure to plant them away from your building. If trees already grow near your building, have them cut back so branches won't fall on your roof.

Some types of flat roofing can be punctured more easily than others. It's not worth the risk that falling tree branches or limbs will poke a hole in the roof or tear it as wind blows the branch around.

Have Poor Drainage Fixed Quickly

A flat roof isn't actually level. It has to have a slight slope so water rolls toward the drain. Debris on the roof or other problems can block rain and cause it to create puddles on the roof that take a long time to evaporate. This is a dangerous situation for your roof, and something a roofing contractor should fix as soon as possible.

A roofer can alter the slope of a roof by filling in a depression or by building up the roof with spray foam. They'll also check that rain can't get caught behind flashing or equipment that's stored on the roof. In addition, you'll want to maintain the roof drains so rain flows to the ground and doesn't puddle up around the drain opening.

Have A Yearly Inspection

Talk to your roofing contractor about how often your roof needs a thorough inspection. If you have a maintenance crew, they might check the roof on a weekly or monthly basis for signs of holes and damage. If you don't have an employee to check your roof, then it's good to have periodic visits from a roofing contractor.

Repairs are often easy to do on flat roofing, especially if the damage is caught early before rain starts to rot the deck or insulation board under the roof. By having timely repairs, you can avoid extensive roof damage and costly repairs caused by not checking your roof often enough. Contact a roofing contractor for more information. 


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