Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

3 Points To Discuss With Your Window Dealer When You're Getting Replacement Windows

by Leslie Turner

Replacement windows are more complicated than they may seem. You have choices in frames, insulation, and glass. Your choices affect the appearance of your home as well as your enjoyment of the windows. Here are some points to consider about window replacement.

1. You Enjoy Natural Lighting

One of the best benefits of having windows is the natural light they let in your home. If you love to pull back the drapes and let light flood your home, then you may want to check the visible transmittance rating of the windows you choose.

Replacement windows come with rating stickers that tell you various details about the frames or glass. The visible transmittance rating lets you know how well the glass lets daylight in your home. The higher the rating, the more natural light the windows provide.

This rating varies because of the way windows are made to be energy-efficient. The glass reflects the sun to reduce solar warming in your home and to prevent fading from UV rays. In the process, some daylight is lost. If natural lighting is important to you, then choose the highest visible transmittance rating that doesn't affect energy efficiency.

2. Your Home Doesn't Have A Wind Break

If wind blows across a lake or flat field and buffets one side of your house, you may be interested in knowing how airtight your new windows will be. If you want the fewest air leaks, then check the air leakage rating for your new windows. This value lets you know how airtight the windows are. The lower the number, the better the windows keep out wind, and the more energy-efficient the windows are.

3. You Want The Best Climate Control

Two other factors to check on window labels are the solar heat gain and the U-factor ratings. These let you know how well the glass transfers heat. A lower rating is better because you want the glass to block heat transfer.

The solar heat gain rating lets you know how well the windows block heat from the sun. The U-factor rating lets you know how well the glass keeps heat in your home. Both ratings measure the amount of heat transfer, so the lower the reading, the more energy-efficient the windows and the better climate control you have for your home.

When you consider these two ratings, you may want to consult the dealer handling your window replacement project. The direction your home faces and your local climate also come into play, and you may want to match the windows to your climate along with considering the stats on the rating sticker.


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