Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Upgrades To Consider For Commercial Flat Roofing Floods

by Leslie Turner

Most industrial and commercial buildings have some portion that has a flat roof. This may be over an outdoor patio area, or it may be over the storage and manufacturing area. These flat roofs offer many benefits. However, one of the issues  you may find is with flooding after heavy rains or heavy snowfall melting. There are some repairs and upgrades your commercial roofing contractor can make to help with the flooding issue. 

Drainage Upgrades

A key issue that could be causing flooding with your flat roof is the drainage. Your drainage may not be angled properly, there could be debris in the way, or their could be a blockage in the drainage and guttering. Your commercial roofing contractor can check the drainage pipes, guttering, and the water drainage routes for the roof. They may offer to build up the roof on a slight angle to help reduce the flooding. 

They may also decide to offer trench run offs or a middle run off drain that is in the center of the roof. This type of drainage runs under the roof and into the ceiling of the area. The water is then carried out of the building through a series of pipes and guttering. It drains the roof area, keeping it dry, while avoiding any loss of work space in the building. 

Material Upgrade

You may have a roof that has simple asphalt flat roofing. This means you could have an issue with the sealant breaking away, the shingles becoming damaged, or water damage in various areas that are retaining water. The flooding in these areas can be reduced by changing the roofing material or sealant. The roofing contractor may offer to remove the current roofing and replace everything from the water membrane up to the sealant over the roofing shingles. The shingles may change from asphalt to flat material sheet for the flat roof, sealed with a special waterproof sealant, and then covered with gravel as well. 

Rebuilding the Roof

In some cases, you may find that your contractor wants to change the build of the roof. This is done in cases when your flat roof may not longer be a viable option for the building. There may be too much damage, rainfall, or too many areas holding water after storms. If this is the case, consider having the roof rebuilt to a higher pitch or angle that allows for better drainage and less damage during and following storms. 

If you are experiencing damage from commercial flat roof flooding, consider calling your contractor. They can help you with scheduling a consultation appointment. During the appointment they will discuss your options, show you where problems are, and show you what problems may become an issue sooner rather than later. They can also discuss pricing and deadlines with you and how the upgrades or repairs will affect your business. Find a commercial roof contractor in your area today. 


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