Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Do You Need A Roofer For Your Clay Shingled Roof?

by Leslie Turner

Roofing contractors are the professionals you need to help make your roof sound. While some roofs don't require regular maintenance and care, like a metal roof, other roofing styles, like a clay shingled roof, do need more care and upkeep.

Do you need roofing contractors for your clay shingled roof? The sooner you have these roofing needs met, the better off your roof will be and the cheaper your repairs can be as well. Here are signs you need a roofer for your clay shingled roof.

You have cracks in the tile

Cracks in a clay tile can be a serious issue because there's no telling how deep the cracks are and how much damage is being done underneath. For example, a crack in the outside of a clay tile may not be as large a concern, where a crack that goes through the clay tile can cause damage to the foundation underneath. Your roofing contractors can help you with any cracks in your clay tile by filling in all cracks with a resin or cement to make the tiles look and operate good as new again.

You have missing tiles

Any clay tile that is missing needs to be replaced right away. If a clay tile has fallen off and is otherwise not damaged, the tile can be put back in place and secured again. If the tile is too damaged to be repaired, then it can be replaced entirely. Any missing tiles should be replaced immediately to avoid causing problems with any remaining tiles or the protective roofing materials underneath.

You have dirty or mildewy tiles

If your clay roof is dirty or has any type of mold or mildew on it, then you should have your roofing contractors come take a look at it. First, they will want to make sure your roof isn't suffering from any type of moisture or other damage, and then they will work to repair the parts of your roof that are potentially damaged by filth and other damage. If you want your clay tile rood cleaned, your roofing contractors can also spray or power wash your rooftop so it looks good as new again.

With proper care and minimal maintenance, your clay shingled roof will last a long time. All your roofing needs should be addressed by your roofing contractors so you can ensure your roof lasts as long as possible. Regular roof inspections done by your roofing contractor can further ensure your roof lasts a long time.


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