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Improving Your Business

When Roof Repair Becomes Necessary After Heavy Rain Or Sleet

by Leslie Turner

Roof repair sometimes becomes necessary after exceptionally heavy rainfall or freezing rain. Sometimes a storm damages a roof, while in other cases it shows an already-existing problem. Contractors providing residential roofing services thoroughly inspect the shingles and flashing and recommend how to proceed.

When a roof is in good condition, it shouldn't leak during a rainstorm. Even if several inches of driving rain hit the roof in a short time, the shingles provide enough protection. However, defects that have gradually developed over time can cause leaks under these circumstances.

Lack of Maintenance

Shingles slowly lose granules over the years. Leaves and other organic materials left on the roof cause shingles to rot. These materials usually accumulate in roof valleys where the wind doesn't reach as easily. If tree branches brush against the shingles instead of being trimmed back, granules will be lost faster than normal. Preventive maintenance is essential for keeping a roof in good shape.

The flashing should be sealed annually to prevent leaks during heavy rain. Roofers install this thin metal around features like chimneys and vents. Flashing also is placed in areas where the roof plane connects with a vertical surface.

If the homeowners aren't comfortable climbing up onto the building, they may hire a roofing contractor to do maintenance tasks.

Incorrect Gutter Installation

Another issue that can cause early loss of roof granules is incorrect rain gutter installation. If a gutter on an upper story pours water onto the roof below it, those shingles experience substantially more wear. Upper-story gutters should have a downspout to the gutters below or the ground. If they empty onto the lower-level roof, the shingles now are hit with twice as much rainwater.

Freezing Rain

Freezing rain is more troubling, but mainly because it can lead to power outages. It usually wouldn't damage shingles unless they are older and worn. When ice covers shingles, the ends might curl up and crack. Damaged ones can be replaced if the homeowners are not ready to have full roof replacement yet.

Preventing Problems

The sound of rain should make people feel cozy in their warm, dry homes. It shouldn't be a cause for stress. To prevent problems, the homeowners must take responsibility for the basic maintenance of routinely removing organic material and sealing flashing. Roofing contractors can do these projects for customers who don't want to go up on top of the building. Roofers also inspect the shingles at this time and determine whether any need replacement. 

To learn more, contact a residential roofing service.


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