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Improving Your Business

The Slate Roof Installation Guide To Give Your Home A Durable Stone Roof

by Leslie Turner

If you are looking for luxurious and durable custom roofing solutions for your home, slate is one of the best solutions. There are different options for modern slate roofing to be installed on your home, which can be natural slate or synthetic products. There are even alternatives like limestone that you may want to consider for your home. The following slate roofing installation guide will help you choose the right solutions for a new stone roof look:

Slate Roofing and the Structural Load Concerns

One of the concerns when installing a slate tile roof is the structural loads. This is because slate is a natural stone product that is heavy and requires a heavier roof structure design to support loads. Therefore, if you are replacing lighter materials, you may need to renovate and reinforce the roof structure to support the loads or consider using lighter alternatives. When reinforcing the roof structure, it is important that load points from the roof bracing are carried all the way down to footing beams.

Choosing the Most Affordable Slate Tile Roofing

When you are ready to have a new slate tile roof installed on your home, you want to choose the most affordable solution. There are things to consider when you are shopping for slate, including:

  • Color of slate from different regions
  • Size and style of the slate tiles
  • Finishes and textures of slate tiles

If you don't find an affordable product in the color and style you want, there are also good alternatives that can give you the slate tile look you are looking for.

Stone and Synthetic Slate Tile Alternatives  

It may not be possible to use real natural slate materials for your roof installation. Sometimes, this is due to availability in your region and the costs of the slate materials. You may also want to use an alternative if your roof structure wasn't originally designed for these heavier roofing materials. If you want to install a real stone alternative, there are options like limestone. Synthetic cement tile products are also available to give your home the look of slate tile roofing. Lastly, there are also synthetic rubber-like tiles that are lightweight solutions. The lightweight tiles can be used to replace asphalt tiles and other lighter roofing products like wood shakes.

Caring for and Repairing New Slate Roofing Tiles

Even though slate tiles are durable roofing materials, they still need a minimal amount of maintenance. The main care that your slate roof is going to need is cleaning and inspecting the tiles for damage. When there are damaged slate tiles on your roof, you want to have these problems repair before they cause severe damage. Therefore, you should buy an extra pallet of slate when you have the roof installed. This is because slate is a volcanic material that will vary in color and texture depending on where and when it is mined from a quarry.

These are some of the things you will want to consider to give your home a luxurious stone roof look. Contact a roofing installation service to discuss these slate tile roofing options for your home.


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