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Improving Your Business

Preparing Your Home For A New Energy Efficient Asphalt Shingle Replacement: Removing Shingles, Repairs And Choosing The Right Ma

by Leslie Turner

If you are planning on replacing your old asphalt shingles, there is a lot of work to do before new energy-efficient materials can be installed on your home. First, it is likely that the old materials need to be removed and repairs must be done. You will also want to do repairs and any improvements that need to be done before roofing can be installed. The following advice will help prepare your home for an energy-efficient roof replacement. 

Inspecting Your Roof to Determine If Repairs Can Be Done or If Replacement Is Needed  

Before you begin tearing off your old shingles, it is a good idea to have an inspection done to determine if repairs are an option. In addition, inspecting the roof will also help identify other damage to your home due to water and leaks or old roofing. This is also a good time to identify design flaws that cause excessive wear and other problems so that they can be corrected during the replacement.  

Tearing Off Old Shingles to Reduce Weight, Expose Damage, and Complete Any Repairs  

Once you have determined that repairs cannot be done and roof replacement is needed, you will need to decide if the old shingles should be removed. Usually, it is a good idea to tear off the old roofing to reduce weight, as well as exposing the roof decking so it can be inspected for damage. This also makes it easier to do any repairs that are going to be needed.  

Improvements That Need to Be Done Before the New Roofing Is Installed on Your Home  

Before the new roof can be installed on your home, there are going to be some improvements that need to be done. These improvements include things like installing ventilation with additional roof vents, correcting water traps, and making other changes that help protect your roof from wear and leaks that lead to damage. 

Choosing the Type of Energy-Efficient Materials and Renewable Energy Options to Use to Replace Shingles  

There are also many different choices of energy-efficient materials that can be used for the roof of your home. If you want to have renewable energy, talk to the roofing contractor about solar roofing materials. Other materials, like metal and synthetic roof tiles, can be a durable and energy-efficient solution to replace the old shingles.  

It is important to take the right steps to prepare your home for a roof replacement to ensure you get more out of your investment. If you think it is time to replace your old asphalt shingles, contact a roofing service and talk to them about improvements that can be done when installing new roof materials.  

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