Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Reasons To Add A Flat Roof On Your Home And Options In Roofing Materials

by Leslie Turner

If you're building a home or planning a major renovation of your current home, consider if a flat roof is a good option. Flat roofing has several advantages over a pitched roof, and it has some disadvantages too. Here are some reasons you might enjoy having a flat roof and options in flat roofing to consider.

Reasons To Have A Flat Roof

A flat roof can give you more living space. You can use the roof for dining, relaxing, and even for grilling outdoors. However, you'll need to work with a roofer to make sure the roof can handle the weight of what you intend to put on the roof.

For instance, if you plan to grow a rooftop garden, you'll need to make sure the roof can handle the weight of soil, equipment, and people walking on the roof. You might even want to put your HVAC equipment, solar panels, or a solar water heater on your flat roof so it's easy to access and maintain.

Another advantage of a flat roof is that it opens up the room underneath. If you want to add another level to your home, the rooms won't be crowded due to the pitch of a steep roof. Rooms can be standard shapes and sizes.

Roofing Materials You Can Choose

Flat roofs tend to have membranes put on them, especially if you'll be using the roof as an outdoor living space. You might put metal roofing on if the roof has at least a tiny slope. Metal might not be ideal for an outdoor living space, but it might be a good option for securing a satellite dish or solar panels to the roof.

One type of roofing material you can't use is asphalt shingle roofing. Roofs that are flat have a tendency to drain slower or form puddles, and that would allow rain to roll under asphalt shingles and start leaking. Instead, you can put a spray foam, rubber, or PVC roof on, and possibly cover it with decking material if you want attractive roofing that doubles as an outdoor floor.

You'll need to work closely with a roofing contractor when you get a new flat roof since care has to be taken to ensure proper drainage and construction of your new roof. The new roof could transform the appearance of your home and give you a private outdoor space for living and entertaining.

As with any other type of roofing, you'll need to maintain your flat roofing properly and keep up with repairs so the roof has a long life and low risk of leaking.


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