Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

4 Subtle Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs A Replacement

by Leslie Turner

As a business owner, it is common to wonder which is the best time to repair your roof and when to replace it. Replacing the roof is an expensive affair, and it also interrupts your business activities. Therefore, most people postpone it until the last possible moment. However, failure to replace the roof when it has reached the end of its productive life is the simplest way to compromise the structural integrity of your building. Here are four subtle signs that your commercial roof needs replacing. 

High Energy Bills

The energy bills have a connection to the condition of your roof. The roof is the part of the building where most of the energy escapes from your building. As your roof ages, it lacks the insulation you need to keep the heat inside in the winter, which overworks the heating unit. It also allows too much heat into the building in the summer and strains your AC. Your energy bills will hike when the heating and air conditioning system has to run longer than it should to regulate the temperature. When you replace the roof, you get a fresh layer of insulation, restoring energy efficiency in your building. 

Damaged Roof Membrane

Another way to tell that you need to replace your system is when the roof membrane suffers damage. Some of the common causes of roof membrane damage include storms. High-speed winds lift the membrane and cause separation between the layers of the roof. If you do not check the uplifting, your building will suffer massive levels of water damage. If the contractor assesses your roof and notices uplifting on the roof membrane, it might not help to repair it. The best way to handle this damage is by replacing the roof. 

Visible Damage on the Surface

Another indicator that it is time to replace the roof is visible damage like curled, missing, and lifted shingles. Shingles curl when your roof has moisture damage, and they indicate that you have water damage. Ignoring visible damage on your roof only exposes the internal parts to possible future damage when you overlook timely roof replacement. When you replace a roof early, you also avoid cave-ins and other liabilities.

It may seem like a massive investment to replace your commercial roof. However, consider the thousands more you could save by avoiding extensive damage to your building. Get a contractor to give you a quotation for a commercial roof replacement.


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