Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

What Can Commercial Roofing Services Do To Improve Ventilation At Your Workplace?

by Leslie Turner

Do you think your commercial premises could do with better ventilation? Good roof ventilation is essential to keeping your commercial roof in good shape and vital to keeping the space below conducive for working. If you have walk-in customers, you must also make them feel welcome and comfortable. You can engage roofing services to install ventilation features depending on the shape and design of your roof. What are some effective ventilation options for commercial roofing?

1. Roof Turbine 

A roof turbine is considered a mechanical ventilation device. It works by drawing air through the building and exhausting hot air out, improving the building's interior's temperature and lowering energy costs. Roof turbines are popular because they work on different roof designs. They also evacuate large volumes of air, making them suitable for large commercial premises.

2. Ridge Vent 

A ridge vent is a type of ventilation installed along the peak of your roof. It helps release hot air and moisture from the space below the roof, which can improve the overall lifespan of your roof. In addition, a roofing service can easily install it because it is basically an open space over a roof ridge, making it affordable. 

3. Down Blast Roof Exhaust Fans

For more forceful ventilation, you need powered ventilation. Down blast roof exhaust fans work by pulling in air from inside your building and forcing it out through a discharge outlet at the top of the roof. 

One key advantage of this type of fan is that it also draws air from the inside of your building up and over an insulated ridge vent before exhausting it outside. There is also an advantage in that this ventilation is available anytime and does not depend on wind currents. 

4. Breather Vents 

Breather vents are a great way to improve ventilation on your commercial roof. They allow air to flow in and out of the building, which can help regulate temperature and prevent moisture buildup. They can also help reduce energy costs by keeping the building cooler in the summer.

5. Eave  Vents 

Eave vents are a type of low-profile vent that is installed near the edge of your roof. They allow hot air to escape from your attic, helping keep your building cooler and improve energy efficiency. Plus, they're less likely to be obstructed by debris or snow.

Good ventilation is essential to keeping your commercial premises a welcoming and effective workplace. Improving the ventilation will see tangible results in improved workplace morale and productivity. Speak to a commercial roofing service about workable ventilation features for your workplace.


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