Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Three Benefits Of Scheduling Annual Roofing Inspections

by Leslie Turner

Commercial properties serve as one of the biggest investments in the contemporary economy. It is not enough to buy or build an enterprise and not care for it. For instance, when it comes to the structural properties of a building, a roofing inspection is crucial. Why? Because it maximizes its longevity by assessing certain factors contributing to roof damage and maintenance options. As such, you may need to schedule an annual roofing inspection. This article shall discuss three benefits of conducting an annual roofing inspection on your commercial property. 

It Helps Identify Weather-Related Damage

An annual roofing inspection on your commercial property helps you identify any weather-related issues that may damage the roof. For instance, if it has been ten months since your last roof inspection; just because the roof is not leaking does not mean there is no apparent structural damage. Every year has different weather seasons encompassing heavy rainfall, wind, hail storms, snow, and sun. Thus, extreme moisture changes and temperatures in the atmosphere can result in your roof expanding and contracting rapidly, affecting its integrity. Thus, an annual roofing inspection will help you identify any weak spots on your roof requiring replacement or repairs. 

It Helps Simplify an Insurance Claim

If your area has been receiving severe storms over the last year, you must seek a professional annual roofing inspection. A reputable roofing expert will assess any potential damage caused by the storms and how they have impacted your buildings' structural integrity. If there is roof damage as a result of the storms, then they may draft an inspection report stating the severity of the situation. This detailed report can be submitted to your insurance company after filing a roofing claim. Ultimately, due to the evidence presented, this claim may be approved, prompting your insurance company to work hand in hand with a roofing company to repair or replace your roof. 

It Allows You to Know How Long Your Roof Can Last

The average lifespan of a roof is about 25 to 50 years, depending on the type of roofing material used and maintenance. However, suppose your roof has been on your commercial property for a few years and shows signs of wear and tear, rust, or aging; In that case, it may warrant an annual roofing inspection conducted early enough to determine the issue. Hiring a professional roofing expert is imperative because they may help determine how much life is left on your roof. They can advise on repairs or replacements to extend the roofs' longevity.

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