Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Why Should You Consider Double Hung Windows?

by Leslie Turner

The functionality of single and double-hung panes can be differentiated by their operation. In a single sash window, the upper part is attached permanently to the wall but the bottom part is mobile, opening and shutting through up and down vertical movement. Sash operation in double-hung is independent. Alternatively, you can use double-sash to refer to this type of window. The mechanism on these windows is very simple for anyone to operate. Here are several reasons to choose these windows for your home.

Great in Ventilation

They are a great selection for your indoor space. The serenity in your indoor space can be disrupted if the area is poorly ventilated because it can be congested and smelly. When both windows are hung, open-air circulation becomes sufficient. Also, you can control the breeze that enters your home by opening one part of the window. Adding a screen to your window is a great tip to prevent large dust particles and insects from entering your home. The windows also enable you to enjoy enough natural lighting through your window.

Energy Efficient

This window option has an energy efficiency aspect. You do not want to have high bills over time because your windows infiltrate cold or hot air inside the house. When this is the case, your air conditioner will run continuously to regulate the unwanted outside air. Since older versions of windows did not have features that saved on energy, you should consider replacing your windows with double-hung options. Consult an expert to install the windows for you to guarantee improved efficiency.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The cleaning process of double sash windows is easy and simple. Due to the hardware mechanism, the window tilts slightly across, simplifying the cleaning process on the top and bottom slides. The sash on other designs is removable, hence cleaning is not strenuous. Ensure you carry out regular checkups on fixtures, in addition to the movable areas, and oil them as needed. Proper maintenance and care can give these windows a good return on investment.

Curb Appeal

These attractive home fixtures are available in different colors to match your interiors and adapt well to traditional and contemporary architectural designs. Their versatility allows them to be the best fit for most home designs and the new, improved visual appearance of your space results in improved value. 

Double-sash windows are an excellent selection for your window renovation project. Contact a professional company for window installation to work on the project for a quality outcome. For more information, contact a company like CSF Exteriors.


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