Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Home's Roof

by Leslie Turner

Cleaning the roof is a type of maintenance that homeowners will typically overlook with their properties. Often, this is the result of the homeowner not fully appreciating the importance of having their roof professionally cleaned every few years. 

Cleaning The Roof Is An Important Preventative Type Of Work

The roof is one of the areas of your home that will experience the most intense wear and tear due to the elements. Eventually, the roof will have to be replaced, which can be a substantial investment in the property. By having the roof cleaned at regular intervals, you can significantly extend the lifespan of the roof by preventing some of the more common types of damage from occurring. These issues can arise as a result of the debris and other materials on the roof trapping moisture. This will eventually lead to the roof becoming rotted or corroded. A cleaning service can remove these materials so that the roof will be able to rapidly dry out after it rains.

Cleaning The Roof May Not Take As Long As You Assume

A reason that a homeowner may not have their roof cleaned can be due to the assumption that it will take a long time to have a roof fully cleaned. In reality, this is a type of work that will only take a couple of hours in many cases. Professional roof cleaning services can use pressure washers and other tools to rapidly clean the surface of the roof. While these tools can rapidly clean the entire surface of the roof, they will be gentle enough to avoid causing damage to the shingles or tiles that are covering it. Pressure washing systems can also have the advantage of being able to more easily clean the very small crevices that may be between the shingles, tiles, and flashing.  

The Cleaning Process Can Make The Roof Very Slick To Stand Or Walk On

Unfortunately, cleaning a home's roof can be surprisingly dangerous work. Once the roof becomes wet, it can become extremely slick and slippery. This is especially true of roofs that have not been cleaned in a particularly long time as large amounts of algae and moss may be present. These substances can become extremely slippery once they become wet. In order to minimize this risk, professional residential roofing services will have equipment that can increase their traction on the roof, and they will have the experience to clean the roof in a pattern that allows them an easy way off the roof without walking over portions that may be slippery.

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