Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Signs That Your Roofing Contractor Did A Great Job

by Leslie Turner

One home improvement project you likely will not be doing on your own is replacing the roof. Not only is it complicated to do on your own, but it's dangerous to be working on a roof with very little experience. This may cause you to wonder how you can tell if your roofing contractor did a good job if you don't know much about roofing. Here are a few things that you'll want to look out for.

Great Looking Shingles

All properly installed shingles are not going to have any wiggle to them at all. Take a good look at your roof and see that everything is stable, aligned properly, and not moving. Then you know the installation was done right. Shingles shouldn't move around when the wind hits them, since this is an indication that the tar strip under the shingles did not adhere to the roof properly. 

Proper Ventilation

Having a properly ventilated attic is key to a proper roof installation. That's why it's worth taking a look at the work done in the attic. The attic should actually feel cool during the summer, without any condensation coming from the rafters. The temperature should also drop in the evening after the sun sets since all that trapped heat will be able to leave the attic 

Flush Nails

Nails need to be hit at the right angle and pressure to drive them into your roof. This is done by a professional roofer that calibrates their equipment so that the nails can be driven into the roof with the right force. A properly installed asphalt shingle roof will have all the nails flush with the surface, with no popped nails sticking out. 

Clean Yard

A good roofing contractor is going to clean up your yard when they are done with the installation. You will have noticed that a dumpster was placed near your home so that debris could be tossed directly into it. Boards should be placed under the feet of the dumpster so that the weight is evenly distributed and not digging into your yard. The roofers will then finish by going over your yard with a magnet to ensure that any loose nails are not on the ground where you cannot see them. This is for your safety since they don't want you running over a nail with a lawn mower or stepping on one with bare feet. 

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