Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Familiarizing Yourself With Common Roofing Problems

by Leslie Turner

In the process of covering you and your loved ones from weather elements, your roof tends to experience various kinds of damage. So as a responsible homeowner, you should pay close attention to your roofing system. That means scheduling routine roof maintenance and timely repairs. This article highlights some of the commonest roofing issues you will likely face on your residential property. 

Wind Damage

Fierce winds can rip the roof's membrane and lift the weak edges. To combat this problem, your roofer will ensure that the roof and its insulation are strongly secured onto the perimeter and other supporting structures. That way, the shingles can withstand strong winds better. 

Design Errors 

This is perhaps one of the hardest and most expensive roofing problems to rectify. Corrections usually arise from DIY installations and repairs. For instance, many homeowners use the wrong roofing materials that tend to wear down prematurely. Besides, you may not create an effective system that allows free expansion and contraction of the roof if you opt for DIY installation. Another mistake is the failure to use the right slope or inadequate gutter system, leading to water pooling. The best way to evade such issues is by investing in professional roofing services.

Weathering Damage

Everyday exposure to weather elements affects your roof's quality. Usually, organic roofing materials experience severe damage compared to their counterparts. The deterioration process is more accelerated when the air is filled with pollutants. So, weathering signs such as ripped or missing shingles require the immediate attention of a roofing company. 

Inadequate Maintenance

To boost the roof's longevity and minimize roofing problems, you must be willing to invest in maintenance. Maintenance is especially necessary if your roof is flat or low-sloped. Remember that failing to address roofing problems in time can lead to devastating and costly issues down the line. Through regular roof inspections, you will catch emerging issues and fix them early enough. 

Equipment Damage

Most homes have HVAC systems, solar panels, and satellite antennae installed on the roof. Typically, you should place this equipment on the rooftop curb to avoid damaging the roof. Additionally, the curb needs flashing to keep it waterproof. However, you should inspect the flashing routinely as it can be a source of roof leaks if damaged. 

Tree Damage

Large and small branches from nearby trees will fall on your roof during stormy weather. This can accelerate the roof deterioration process resulting in shingle and flashing damage. The debris can also clog gutters, causing water pools on the rooftop. Therefore, trimming the branches hanging on your roof is advisable.

If you suspect your roof is damaged in any of the abovementioned ways, resist the urge to postpone repairs. You'll add a few more years to your roof by contacting a roofer immediately. Reach out to a company such as Catawba Valley Roofing & Restoration LLC to find out more.


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