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Improving Your Business

How To Avoid Metal Roof Installation Mistakes And Extend The Lifespan Of Your New Roof

by Leslie Turner

The performance and durability of a new metal roof depend on various issues, one of which is the installation process. If you make mistakes at the installation stage, your roof may start to leak after a short time, leading to structural water damage and roofing failure. Therefore, note the following tips on how to avoid installation mistakes and extend the lifespan of your new metal roof.

Choose the Right Fastener Design

Metal roofs feature panels that lap each other and are held down by mechanical fasteners. The fasteners can either be exposed to the roof surface or concealed beneath the metal panels. Since exposed fasteners are visible on the roof surface, they are susceptible to damage from inclement weather. Once the screws rust or become loose, they allow moisture to infiltrate the penetrations in the metal panels, causing roof leaks.

Concealed fasteners are the best choice for metal roofs. Since the screws are hidden beneath the metal panels, they are not visible on the roof surface. This installation style protects the fasteners from corrosion and damage by harsh weather. Consequently, the risk of roof leaks is significantly reduced. Furthermore, the concealed fastener design can increase the visual appeal of your new roof.

Use the Right Roofing Underlayment

Roofing underlayment is your first line of defense against structural water damage. If a leak occurs, the underlayment acts as a waterproof barrier between the metal panels and the deck underneath. When choosing underlayment, consider the quality of the material. Opt for quality materials such as felt and self-adhering membrane underlayment. Felt is best suited to sloped metal roofs with a low moisture load. Self-adhering membrane underlayment is ideal for hotter climates because the membrane can withstand high temperatures without suffering damage.

Invest in Quality Plumbing for Flat Roofs

Flat metal roofs are prone to leaks, mainly where exposed fasteners are used. A low slope prevents the structure from shedding water properly. Therefore, if you opt for a flat or low-sloped metal roof, you must invest in extra waterproofing. Besides using high-quality underlayment, invest in adequate roof plumbing systems as well. Install gutter and downspouts correctly to prevent water from pooling on the roof.

Seal Leak-Prone Areas Correctly

Are you planning to install any penetrations on your roof? Roof windows, skylights, solar systems, and HVAC equipment can create points of weakness on your roof. If you don't seal the penetrations correctly, moisture will infiltrate the structure and degrade your underlayment. Therefore, invest in quality sealing products for all roof penetrations. Regularly check and replace worn sealants to protect your metal roof from leaks.

Metal roofs are durable and resilient to harsh conditions. However, they must be installed correctly to last a long time and hold up to inclement weather. 

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