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Improving Your Business

How To Repair A Leaking Roof Based On The Causes

by Leslie Turner

A leaking roof can be stressful. It can force you to stay awake all night, thinking of the untold damage you will incur. Even so, some homeowners dismiss leak repairs once the rainy season ends. Remember that, in addition to rainwater, holes on the rooftop allow moisture seepage. Like water, moisture can damage your roof. Therefore, you should schedule roof repair services as soon as you notice a leak. This guide shares a few causes of residential roofing leaks and how a professional roofer can fix them.

Masonry Chimney Damage

Naturally, the chimney deteriorates after years of use and exposure to environmental elements. That makes it one of the roofing components most susceptible to leaks. Usually, the chimney will leak when the flashing fails or its material erodes. The damage may not be visible due to the chimney's elevated position. In such a case, you might discover the damage when it is too late. To avoid such an occurrence, you should regularly hire a professional to inspect your roof. A roof repair expert will identify such issues in infancy and remedy them before the damage worsens.

Poorly Positioned Skylights

A poorly positioned skylight can be a source of leaks in your home. Usually, these leaks occur when you opt for a DIY installation or fail to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. To mitigate this issue, your roofing contractor will reattach and align the skylight correctly. They will also seal any gap to ensure a leak-free skylight.

Leaves and Sticks In The Gutter System

If debris collects in the gutters, water will not run down the downspout and into the drainage as required. Because of that, water will collect on the roof, encouraging the formation of holes. Besides that, the channels may leak if the flashing becomes dysfunctional. Schedule regular gutter cleaning with your roofing contractor to ensure your gutters remain efficient in water drainage. Also, repair the flashing promptly to avoid water backup.

Poor Nailing

Poorly driven nails can cause roofing leaks. It is a popular problem in DIY roof installations. Usually, professional roofers insert the nails correctly when affixing the shingles. They make sure that the nails penetrate deep enough into the shingles. Failing to drive the nails correctly creates space for water to leak into your home. If the leaking problem arises from poor nailing, your contractor will fix it by sealing the holes or gaps using a sealant.

These are some of the common residential leak repair issues. Leaks can cause extensive water damage, which is why you should address them quickly. After an inspection, your residential roof repair contractor will suggest a suitable solution. For more information, contact a company like Alpha Roofing & Siding.


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