Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Tips For Saving Money On The Backyard Deck Of Your Dreams

by Leslie Turner

You've always dreamed of having a fantastic backyard deck to host family gatherings and neighborhood barbeques. Unfortunately, your budget is pretty tight, and you are not sure if you will be able to create a safe, functional, and affordable deck. Luckily, there are several simple ways you can save money on your backyard deck project.

Here are a few tips and tricks you help you save big money on the backyard deck you've always wanted.

Opt For Pressure Treated Wood 

Several popular options are available, from Western red cedar to tropical woods and composite materials. Unfortunately, these options are also very expensive, which is why if you want to save big money on your backyard deck project, you should consider pressure-treated wood.

It is constructed from a variety of more inexpensive woods, such as yellow pine trees; pressure-treated lumber is treated with a special and safe chemical that protects it from the damage caused by insects and moisture.

Be aware that while pressure-treated wood is more inexpensive upfront, it does require regular maintenance. For example, you will need to periodically pressure wash and stain your deck to keep it clean and protect it from the elements.

Find the Ideal Contractor

It might seem more inexpensive to construct the deck on your own. However, because you need to have the proper knowledge and tools to complete the project, you might discover that it is more cost-effective to work with a contractor.

Ask for quotes from several contractors. Discuss the fees associated with your backyard deck project and ways you can save money. For example, ask if the contractor has any leftover materials from a different project that you can purchase for your backyard deck.

Additionally, consider hiring a contractor in the off-season, such as during the colder winter months. Contractors are typically less busy in winter and early spring, which can allow you to save big money on your project.

Design a Smaller Deck

You have always wanted a massive, wraparound deck. Unfortunately, the cost of this deck is not in your budget. Instead, construct a smaller deck that does not have as many bells and whistles. For example, opt for a more inexpensive cable railing instead of adding planters to the railing.

This railing is constructed from metal, and because the horizontal rails are thinner, they cost less than thicker metal railings or wood railings.

From finding the right contractor to choosing more inexpensive materials, there are several ways you can save big money on your backyard deck project.

Contact deck builders to learn more. 


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