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Improving Your Business

2 Reasons To Have The Roofer Peel Off The Old Shingles Before Installing A New Roof Instead Of Layering Them

by Leslie Turner

If the time has come for you to have a new roof installed on your home, you may be faced with a decision about whether to lay the new shingles over the old ones or have the old shingles peeled off and removed. Because there is currently only one layer of shingles, you may be tempted to save both time and money by having the roofer go ahead and layer them.

However, before you make a final decision, you should think carefully about whether layering the shingles is the best course of action for your home. Below are a couple of reasons why it may be better to have the roofing professional peel off the old ones before installing the new roof instead of layering the shingles on top.

1. Layering Makes the Roof More Prone to Leaks That Will Be Difficult to Locate When Repairs Are Needed

One reason why you should reconsider layering your roof's shingles and instead peel off the old ones to make way for the new roof is that layering makes the roof more prone to leaks. If any of the old shingles beneath the new ones are damaged or uneven, they will affect the integrity of the new roof above them.

If a leak does happen, it will be hard to locate it. Since water will run under the new shingles, the leak could be located anywhere above where the roof is leaking. Peeling off the old shingles will eliminate this possible problem.

2. Layered Shingles Add Weight to the Roof That Can Cause Damage to the Old Shingles and Plywood Decking

Another problem with layering shingles is that it will subject the roof to extra weight. Over the course of a few years, the added weight from the new shingles will start to wear down and damage the old ones as well as the plywood decking.

Not only will this extra weight lead to cracks in the shingles, but it can make the roof bow, especially if the decking was already weak. When the old shingles are peeled off, the roofer can fully examine the decking and see if any areas need to be replaced before installing a single layer of shingles.

While layering new shingles on your old ones can save time and money, doing so can create future problems with leaks that will be difficult to find and repair. Also, the added weight of the new shingles will adversely affect the underlying shingles and decking, which could cause extensive damage to the roof. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should have the old shingles peeled off or have the new shingles layered on top of them, speak with a roofing contractor so you can make an informed decision. 

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