Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Reasons You Should Consider Re-Roofing

by Leslie Turner

Re-roofing involves placing a new layer of shingles on an existing roof. This is an alternative to removing the entire roof and replacing it. Sometimes homeowners are torn between replacing their roof and re-roofing. This is why you should consider re-roofing your home. 

To Boost Your Home's Market Value

One of the benefits of re-roofing is that the market value of your home will go up. If you want to put your home on the market and the roof is old, consider re-roofing. Re-roofing will make your home aesthetically appealing. If your roof is in poor condition, potential homebuyers may ask you to install a new roof or reduce the home's selling price. Therefore, re-roofing will enable you to sell your home at a fair price.

To Correct a Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is unsightly and is one reason you should invest in re-roofing. A sagging roof is likely to collapse in the future. When your roof is sagging, there may be a problem with the attic decking. Ask a roofer to inspect and re-roof your home to avoid accidents and injuries later.

Save Time and Money

If you don't have enough funds to install a new roof, re-roofing is your best alternative. However, this is a viable option if you have never re-roofed before. Also, it depends on how well your roof's structure can support another layer of shingles.

Re-roofing is more affordable than installing a new roof. Furthermore, it takes less time, fewer materials, and fewer workers. Additionally, it will spare you inconveniences like moving into a hotel or a relative's home during the project duration.

Fix Damaged or Missing Shingles

If you have cracked or damaged shingles, these can negatively affect your roof's aesthetics. The shingles may have edges that are turned upwards, or the middle of the shingles may rise while the edges are flat. These types of curling will cause your roof to leak. The appropriate remedy, in this case, is re-roofing.

Additionally, if your shingles have cracks in random spots, you will start seeing shingle granules in your gutters. This is another tell-tale sign you need to replace your roof or re-roof.

In Closing

Before you re-roof your home, consider your budget. It may be more affordable to re-roof than replace the roof. Also, think about your expectations. If you plan to upgrade your roofing, there may be better options than re-roofing. It is also crucial that you hire a reputable and experienced roofing contractor. The roofing professional will inspect your roof structure and determine whether re-roofing is the most appropriate solution for you.

Contact a local roofing service, such as Everglades Construction Group, to learn more. 


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