Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

How To Tell Your Roof Needs Work—From The Inside

by Leslie Turner

If someone were to ask you whether your roof needed repairs, you would probably go outside and take a look at it, right? Assessing the outside of the roof is one way to tell what condition it is in. But often, you can also tell whether your roof needs work from the inside. Here are some indoor signs that your roof is not in great condition and may be in need of repairs or replacement. 

Mold in the Attic

Poke your head into the attic and take a deep breath. Do you notice a musty, moldy odor? As you look around, do you see any spots of mold? Lift up the insulation and check it for mold too. Mold only grows in moist areas, so if there is mold in the area, water is getting into the space somehow. It usually comes through the roof. You could have some missing, leaking shingles, lifted flashing, or a loose vent.

Stained Ceilings

Has a dark spot appeared on your ceiling? Sometimes people see this and think something has just stained their paint. This is probably true, but the staining material is likely water that has come in through your damaged roof. Dirty water moistens the paint and drywall, discoloring them. They never quite go back to their original color, even once they dry out. Whether or not the spot is still moist, it is a sign of roof damage that you need to address.

Frosty Nails

This one you can really only spot in the winter, but it is worth checking for. Go up into your attic. There are likely spots where you can see the roof nails popping through the roof deck, which forms the top of your attic space. Check to see if any of these nails have frost on them. If they do, that means water is seeping in around the nail. This water will soon lead to mold and water damage, even if it is only a small amount. So, have your roofer make some repairs. They may need to add some cement around the nails to stop the leaks, or they may need to replace the shingles that have deteriorated around the frosted nails.

If you pay attention to changes inside your home, you'll be more aware of any roof damage that has occurred. Don't hesitate to contact a local roofing contractor if you have any reason to suspect your roof needs work.


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