Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Some Of The Important Steps Involved With A Commercial Roof Replacement

by Leslie Turner

A nice advantage of having a flat roof on your building is that it makes it easy to keep an eye on your roof. You may want your maintenance crew to make weekly or monthly checks of your roof along with one or two yearly visits from a roofing contractor.

This keeps you abreast of the condition of the roofing materials so you can plan your commercial roof replacement at your convenience rather than having to do it in an emergency. Here's a look at some steps involved with a commercial roof replacement.

Decide On The Materials You Want

You can discuss your roofing material options with your roofer. Since commercial roofs usually last for many years, you don't get the chance to change the roofing style very often. You may want the same type of roofing you had before, but it doesn't hurt to explore your options.

Have A Moisture Survey Done

Commercial roofs are usually applied on top of each other as long as the roof doesn't have water damage. The best way to tell if your roof has water damage is with a moisture survey. This might entail taking core samples from the roof, but it may be as easy as having an infrared video inspection done. Wet areas of the roof have a different color than dry areas on an infrared video.

Plan the Project

Since it's easy to access a flat roof and store supplies on top of it, it usually isn't too disruptive to do a commercial roof replacement. However, the job needs to be planned out so everything goes smoothly. For instance, some roofing needs to be installed within a specific temperature range, so the roofer keeps details like this in mind when scheduling your roof replacement.

Replace The Roof

If the old roofing needs to come off, it can be pulled up and hauled in a wheelbarrow to a collection dumpster. If the old roofing will stay, the roofer needs to prep the roof by cleaning it and then putting down cover boards.

The cover boards are screwed to the roof, and the roofing goes on top of them. The boards provide a hard and stable surface for rolling out membrane roofing or applying spray foam. The roofer may do a section of your roof at a time if you have a large building.

They'll try to stay within their projected time frame, but it may be necessary to delay work when the weather turns bad. After your roof is put on, it's quality checked, and the area is cleaned up since leaving debris behind could lead to a roof puncture if someone steps on it.

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