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Improving Your Business

How Do You Know When It's Time To Replace An Old Slate Roof?

by Leslie Turner

Slate roofs are incredibly durable and last a very long time. Like every other type of roof, however, you'll eventually need to replace them as the slate tiles start to break down. Replacing an entire slate roof can be costly, but it will restore its ability to keep your attic leak-free. To learn how you can tell when your slate roof needs to be replaced, read on.

Your Slate Tiles Are Flaking Apart

Slate tiles are porous, which means that rain can seep into a tile and carry away some of the minerals. Over a very long period of time, this will cause a slate tile to become weaker and more porous. This process is called delamination.

When this happens, the slate tile will start to flake apart. You'll notice that the surface of the tile appears rough and pitted. A weakened tile is more prone to breaking, especially if it's stepped on or damaged by hail. If the slate tiles on your roof are starting to break down, you'll need to replace them all in order to protect your home from strong winds and heavy rains.

The Underlayment Beneath Your Slate Tiles Has Holes in It

The slate tiles on your roof have a waterproof plastic sheet beneath them that's called an underlayment. It's an additional level of protection that stops your roof from leaking. However, this plastic sheet can be torn easily, creating holes that will allow your roof to leak.

When a slate tile is nailed to your roof, the nail goes through the underlayment. The slate tile shifting from being blown around by the wind can move the nail around, ripping a hole in the underlayment. These holes will cause leaks in your attic. In order to stop your roof from leaking, you'll need to remove all of the tiles and replace the torn underlayment.

Your Roof Sheathing Is Rotting

When your attic is leaking due to missing tiles or a hole in the underlayment, the wooden roof sheathing will start to rot. When your roof sheathing is rotting, you'll often be able to smell mold in your attic. The rot makes the roof sheathing weaker, which can cause it to sag under the weight of all the heavy slate tiles above it. If the roof sheathing becomes too weak, your roof may collapse. If your roof sheathing is rotting, you'll need to remove all of the slate tiles on your roof and replace the sheathing in order to restore the structural integrity of your roof.

If you think that your slate roof is starting to fail, call a roof replacement service in your area and have your roof inspected. Based on the condition of the tiles and the underlayment, they may recommend that you replace your roof to keep your home free from leaks. While replacing your slate roof can be expensive, it will help prevent extensive water damage due to a leaking attic.


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