Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

A Homeowner's Guide To Snow And Metal Roofing

by Leslie Turner

Metal roofing is a durable and attractive roof option for cold, snowy climates. Although there are benefits when it comes to metal roofing in snowy climates, there are also some concerns that must be addressed to ensure a safe metal roof.


Metal roofing is a popular option in areas where winter snowfall is common. Much of the reason is due to how well metal roofing withstands leaks compared to other roofing materials. Ice dams and other common roofing issues caused by snow and freezing temperatures also won't affect metal roofing the way can with asphalt shingles. 

Weight loads from snow can raise concerns about a roof collapse. Metal helps alleviate these worries because it is such a lightweight material compared to other roofing, so it doesn't add to the weight load from the snow. Snow also melts more quickly on metal so it tends not to sit on the roof too long. 


Unfortunately, there can be some issues with metal roofing and snow. First and foremost are safety concerns, particularly on steeply pitched standing seam-style roofs. Snow can slide off of these quickly, and it tends to fall in large and heavy sheets. These snow sheets can cause injury to anyone standing below if steps aren't taken to prevent slide-offs.

The quick movement of the snow sliding off can also damage parts of the roof, most notably by tearing up flashing or causing warping at joints. Extreme conditions where many feet of snow end up on the roof may also cause panels to warp or buckle. 


The good news is that all of the concerns can be counteracted so you only experience benefits when it comes to snow and your metal roof. Opting for a darker-colored metal roof is one way to minimize risks, as snow will melt faster and thus it won't build up as thickly on the roof. Heat cables can also be installed on the roofing. These turn on when temperatures are below freezing. They heat the roof just enough so the snow melts instead of accumulating.

Finally, your roofer can install snow guards on the roof. These bars are installed at a horizontal angle on the roof, typically over doors and windows but they can be put anywhere on the roof where they are needed. When snow hits the bar, it breaks up so it comes down in small pieces instead of the dangerous and damaging large sheets. The angle of the bars is also designed to route the sliding snow so it doesn't fall right in front of a door.

Contact a metal roofing service like Brandenberger Contracting Solutions  to learn more about snow options for your roof.


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