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Improving Your Business

2 Ways Storms Might Damage Your Metal Roofing

by Leslie Turner

Metal roofing is one of the most durable types of roofs available. It tolerates high winds and hail during storms, but when winds or gusts are exceptionally strong or hail is large, even a metal roof can sustain damage. Here's how.

1. Wind Can Lift Metal Panels

It's a good idea to have your metal roof inspected after a storm that has strong winds because lifted panels are often difficult to notice and rain can leak in without you knowing. A roofer needs to walk the roof and look for slightly raised panels. There are different kinds of metal roofing panels, and the ones that have exposed fasteners can get lifted along the seams by strong winds.

When the panel lifts, it pulls the screw loose. When the wind dies down, the panel can't go back to being completely flat since the screw was pulled out of the deck but it's still in the metal panel. The screw hits the deck and keeps the panel slightly lifted so rain can get through. Your metal roof could have several places where the panels are lifted depending on the strength of the winds.

Your insurance may pay for repairs due to wind damage. However, as long as there is no water damage under the panels, repairs could be as simple as putting in new screws and flattening out the panels. If water damage is present, the panels may need to come off to replace the deck, and that's a more complex and expensive repair.

2. Hail Can Leave Dents Behind

Dents from hail might be a cosmetic issue or the coating of the roof might be cracked along the dents, and that could lead to rust development. A roofer needs to assess the dents to determine what type of repairs are needed. Hail doesn't always dent metal roofing, and that's why metal is a good choice in roofing for hail-prone areas.

However, when large hail dents your metal roofing, you'll need to talk to your insurance company to see if they'll pay for repairs. They may not if they think the dents are only cosmetic. Dents in a metal roof can be repaired just like dents in a car. The dent might be pulled out or filled in.

If the damage wasn't caught right away and rust formed around some of the dents, the rust has to be removed so it doesn't eat holes in the roof. If there are a lot of dents, it may be better to replace the roof instead. Whether or not your insurance claim is approved could be a deciding factor in what your roofer recommends.

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