Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

An Overview Of Clay Tile Roofing Installation

by Leslie Turner

If you're looking to upgrade your home's appearance, you might want clay tile roofing instead of asphalt shingles. Talk to your roofer about the type of clay tiles to buy since they are made by different manufacturers. Quality tiles are important so they last a long time and survive storms when possible. Here's how clay tile roof installation works.

All Of The Old Roofing Is Removed

Clay tiles are heavy, so the first step is to make sure your roof can support their weight. Your roofer may need to add structural support if needed. It's possible to put clay tiles over an existing roof, but your roofer may not recommend it. Leaving the old roofing on adds to the weight. Also, the roofer may want to remove the old roofing so the deck can be checked and patched where needed. Since clay tiles can last a long time, they should be installed over a solid deck so the tiles don't have to come off to make repairs to the deck later. With the old roofing out of the way and the deck checked, the installation process can begin.

Waterproof Underlayment Goes Down First

Underlayment is an important part of a clay tile roof system. Underlayment is waterproof. It's a barrier that adheres to the deck to protect the deck from water damage. If rain gets under the clay tiles, the underlayment blocks water from reaching the deck and causing the deck to rot. The roofer may use a peel-and-stick underlayment that's easy to install and adheres fully to the deck.

Clay Tiles Are Layered Over Each Other

Clay tiles are layered so rain rolls down the roof without getting under the tiles. Tiles can be fastened to the roof in different ways. Tiles come with holes drilled in them so they can be nailed. Some of the tiles may not need to be fastened to the deck since the weight of the other tiles can hold them in place.

The exact method of clay tile roof installation depends on the tile manufacturer and the area of the country you live since building codes for roofs can vary by region. Clay tiles are hard and tough, but they must be handled correctly during the installation process. The roofer also has to be careful not to step on a tile the wrong way and crack it. Installing clay tiles involves more labor and careful work than installing asphalt shingles, but the end result is worth it when you see your new roof.

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