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Improving Your Business

Why Is It Critical To Install A Complete Roofing System?

by Leslie Turner

When you think about your roof, are your shingles the first thing that comes to mind? Your shingles are the top layer of your home's roof and are the most visible aspect of the overall roofing system. However, shingles alone can't protect your home from the elements. Keeping your home dry requires an integrated roofing system with numerous layers and elements to repel and control water.

If your old roof is beginning to fail, adding a new layer of shingles on top of the existing one might seem quick and cost-effective. This re-covering process can sometimes protect your home for a few more years, but it's rarely the best long-term solution. Keep reading to learn three important reasons why re-roofing your home with a complete roofing system is usually a far more effective choice.

1. You Can Repair Existing Damage

A traditional roofing system installation involves a demolition step before installation. Your roofers will tear off your old shingles and underlayment, revealing the decking (or sheathing) below. This decking usually consists of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), both materials vulnerable to moisture damage. If your current shingles are weak or leaky, your decking may have existing damage.

Part of the roofing installation process is identifying and repairing these areas, providing a solid base for your home's new roof. Without this step, you can compromise the lifespan of your new roof. By re-covering your old roof instead of installing an entirely new roof, you may create future problems that will be difficult and costly to solve.

2. You'll Refresh Important Secondary Components

Remember that your roofing system is more than just your shingles. Re-covering your existing roof usually involves installing a new layer of shingles and potentially replacing some flashing. However, a new roofing system will include underlayment, flashing, leak barriers, and more. Refreshing these parts of your roof will help ensure that it provides many years of reliable service.

Additionally, replacing the old elements of your roof will help guard against potential leaks. Leaving these components in place means potential vulnerabilities exist, so any water that makes it through your new shingles will have an easier time reaching your decking or leaking into your home. Installing a completely new roofing system sidesteps these concerns entirely.

3. Your Roof Will Look New

Adding another layer of shingles isn't just a poor choice from a functional standpoint. Piling more shingles on will never look as good as a new roofing system. Instead, any existing problems with your roof will likely show through to the new layer of shingles, potentially creating uneven areas or other problems that will reduce the cosmetic appearance of your new roof.

A completely new roof gives your roofers a chance to strip your roof down to its core, ensuring your new shingles are attractive as well as effective at protecting your home. For more information on a residential roof installation, contact a professional near you.


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