Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Signs Of Damage To Check For On Your Home's Roof To Keep It Strong

by Leslie Turner

There are many areas in and around your home that need constant upkeep and maintenance to keep them working well. However, your home's roof is one that can go for months and even years without having a problem. For this reason it is important to keep an eye on your roof by checking it periodically for some of the more common signs of trouble and damage that can lead to interior moisture problems. To help you look for issues, here are some signs that your roof system is in need of a check-up and potential repairs by a residential roofer.

Winter Ice Dams

Winter can bring beautiful scenery and magical-looking ice and frost to your yard, but when your roof's edge is adorned with a cascading sheet of ice and icicles, you need to take notice. One of the most damaging occurrences to your roof in the winter is a roof ice dam and will form slowly on the edge of your roof. As the ice builds up and grows thicker, sending icicles down its edge, the ice will melt during the day and work its way up under your shingles where it will freeze. This repeated pattern can loosen and separate your roof's shingles from the roofing deck. 

When you discover ice dam buildup on your roof, you know you need to address the problem with a roofing professional soon. They can inspect your roof for the extent of its damage and remove the ice dam and use prevention strategies to keep it from reforming. You may need to wait until spring to repair and replace your roof's damage from ice dams, but take some steps to alleviate the problem to prevent further damage that can escalate into interior moisture damage to your home's attic and inside walls.

Leaking Gutters

Another problem with your roof's system can originate in your gutters. When your gutters age, they can crack, sag, and clog with leaves and twigs to let water dam up and fall upon the soil around your home foundation. And if you have recently experienced an ice dam during winter, this can also put excessive weight on your gutters to pull them from the edge of your roof and cause cracking and sagging.

Take some time during and after a heavy rainstorm or in the spring when your roof snow is melting to watch how the gutters work. They should allow water to drain down to ground level and away from your home. Any dripping from the roof's edges or corners of the gutters is a sign your gutters need some work. Your roofing professional can see to this situation and recommend a course of action to repair and make your roof drainage system better than ever.


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