Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Roof Installation: 4 Considerations Before Installing A Slate Roof

by Leslie Turner

Homeowners with roof installation projects benefit significantly by installing a slate roof. The timeless appearance of these slates gives your home an elegant and rustic look. Slate has a contemporary style that complements the aesthetic impression in your home's immediate environment.

The good thing with a slate roof is the amazing range of colors and sizes. This gives you the liberty to customize your roof according to your preferences. If you work with a roofing installation company, they install your slate roof with durability and functionality in mind.

If you want to install a slate roof, here are some considerations before you buy.

1. Slate Weight and Density

Slate comes in different thicknesses and texture. Before installing, your roof installation technician should sort slate according to its thickness and gauge. This enables your roofer to create a uniformed look across the roof once they're done laying them. 

Essentially, slates with a thinner gauge should be installed on the top rows, the medium ones should be installed toward the middle. The heavy slates should be used along the eaves. Heavier slates render more weight on the bottom rows and the eaves. This area protrudes out, and it's exposed to the wind lifting. The weight of thick slates helps to keep it intact.

2. Visual Appeal

Slate comes with an excellent range of colors. This depends on the origin of the slate. You should assess your preferences and your home's exterior before choosing slate color. You can consult roof installation specialist to help you pick a gray, blue, or yellow shade that best complements your curb. Equally, you can choose a blend of colors to create a montage that matches with the surroundings. If you want to create a picturesque appearance, you can choose a contrasting slate color.

3. Assess Shapes and Sizes

Slate tiles come with different shapes and designs. You can order custom shapes to create a unique rooftop texture. You need to decide whether square, oblong, or rounded slate tiles offer your desired pattern. You need to consult with your roof installation professional to ensure every tile is uniform in size and shape. It's the perfect way to ensure your finished roof offers an impressive look.

4. Slate Quality and Origin

Before you buy slate tiles, you should verify their origin. You need to evaluate quality of the varieties available. This helps to determine the tiles that guarantee outstanding functionality. Quality goes hand in hand with slate pricing. You must select accredited slate tiles to leverage durability. Tiles that comply with standards will offer value for money in the long run.

If you want to install a slate roof, contact a roofer installation company near you.


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