Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Managing Your Home's Roof Replacement

by Leslie Turner

Whenever your home's roof has suffered extensive damage or reached the end of its usable life, a replacement may be necessary to protect the integrity of the house and its energy efficiency.

Understand The Challenges Of Changing The Roof's Design

A residential roof replacement project can allow you to make major changes to the overall design of your home's roof. While this may be a possibility that you can utilize, you should be aware of the unique challenges that it can pose. For example, the roof could need to have major supports repositioned in order to allow for the shape or design of the roof to be changed. This can result in the project take much longer to complete and costing far more. As a result, it may only be worth the effort to make these changes when you have a practical reason for wanting to change the shape of the roof, such as to improve the drainage of rainwater from it.

Protect The Shrubbery And Plants Near Your Home

Roofing work can be surprisingly hard on the shrubs and other plants that you may have along your home's perimeter. Falling debris from this work can damage branches and crush flowers that may be growing in these areas. If you are concerned about protecting these plants, you should use special netting that will be able to intercept the falling debris while still allowing the plants to get enough sunlight so that they can continue growing. You will likely be responsible for setting up this netting, and you may want to do it the day before the contractors are scheduled to start their work so that you will not delay the contractors from starting on this project.

Stay Clear Of The Work Area Even When It Is After Hours

The work area during a roof replacement can be fairly dangerous due to the prevalence of wood fragments and parts of shingles. To avoid the risk of injury to yourself, your child, or your pets, you will have to make it a point to keep your family members away from this area until the work has been completed. This will apply even during the overnight hours when the contractors are not actively working as they may not perform a thorough cleanup of the site until they have completely finished with the roof replacement. Once the contractors leave, you may also want to perform an additional check for any materials that may have been missed during the cleanup.


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